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Date: February 1st 1919
E B Nash

Witley Camp Feb. 1st/19
Thomas Nash Gorrie Ont.

Dear Dad.- I suppose you will be wondering what has happened to us. Well we have moved again and are at Whitley Camp now. It is near Bramshott and not far from Aldershott in Sussex County I think. We have drafts coming to us, some from the 168th came last night. We will have a good band as we got a lot of good players from the 142nd.

George Nash is here. He is only a few ]?] from us. He is a fine big fellow. I heard that Scott Hamilton is here but I don’t know for sure. There are a lot of artillery here. This appears to be a good camp.  It is an old Imperial camp. The weather is nicer here as the raw winds from the sea dont reach us and there are lots of fir trees. It reminds me of Camp Borden.

I got a letter from Rollie a couple of weeks ago but haven’t heard from him since. I suppose he will be a seasoned warrior by now. We expect to go over sometime in the spring. It has always been a puzzle to me how we havent been broken up. I hear that because we never had a man Court Martialed or up for Field punishment had a lot to do with it and maybe it had.

I had a letter from Alma last night. Tell her to write again. How is they price of hay this winter. Tell us all that goes on around the old place. Yesterday was pay day so we are in funds again. We had to organize into our old companies again and are not doing anything this forenoon. We are 33 men in a hut here and they are quite comfortable.

We I cant think of anything else to tell you so goodbye

 654132 Pte E B Nash
ACO 161 Batt CEF
Army Post Office
London Eng