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Date: August 1st 1918

France August 1 1918

Dear Mother- Just a few lines tonight. I received a letter from you some time ago but had no chance to answer it before. We are never in any of the larger towns and hardly ever see a Y.M.C.A. and it is hard to carry writing materials around with you. This is the first green envelope I have been able to get We I have only been in the line about three weeks and then in a quiet part. We are out at present. I am feeling fine. I thought I would see Milford the other day but when I got there I found he was in the line , but I enquired at the orderly room and found out what Co. he was in. I haven’t seen George for some time but he will be near here somewhere as we are in the same Division. We are quartered in a public institution at the present and it is a very pretty place. I would like to tell you all about it but of course I can’t. I see by the papers we are the fighting is going pretty good. I guess it is true as we as we are getting strawberry jam instead of the usual plum & apple

We have done a lot of travelling since I came to France. We very seldom stay long in the same part so I am seeing a lot of France. Mostly on foot but sometimes by rail or light railway or Motor Trucks I haven’t seen any Germans or Allemandes as the French call them. We dont as a rule go into the Front positions anyway. When it is quiet we sometimes do night firing or aeroplane firing and when be ready for emergencies. Nigt firing we never see our targets which are from a mile to two miles away. The guns are set by compass and clinometer. Well Mother I guess this is about all I can tell you and maybe too much at that so I had better close. Give my love to all

Your loving son