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Date: April 7th 1917

Somewhere in France
Apr. 7 / 17

My Dear Bro:-

I believe I shall shoot a few lines to you to-day.

I received your letter when we were in the trenches last & now we are out at rest camp in very good sized French town.  I wish we could stay here till the duration, but I guess that is quite impossible eh!  Well John I have been blessed with letters & parcels lately, but I shall not object at all.  Let them all come.

Ross & Bill et all are all O.K.  There is only one fellow in the bunch killed & you did not know him.

Yesterday we had a field day & of course it had to rain & we got wet.  Ross was over to a nearby town & by heck, who do you think he saw?  He saw Vern Sampson & Geo. Hoover.  Mr. Gibson is also there also Halley Henry.

I had a letter from Miss Clark not long ago & also Ruby.  Tell Bill they were asking for him.  Poor Bill, he seems the worry of half those old Normal girls.

Well John I guess Spring is here at last.  It is nice to-day believe me!  The States seem to be in it at last.  It may have some effect on the affair.  Let us hope it will soon be over.

Guess you will be running your little toot toot.  Don’t run over any dogs & be easy on the gas.  I must learn to run one of those dashed affairs eh!  Well John I must go eat some mulligan – bah.  The eats get my angora but

Must write Dad to-day


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