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Date: June 22nd 1917
Mr. Irwin
W.C. Thomson

Seaford Sussex
th Can Reserves
June 22
nd 1917

Dear Mr Irwin:

Received your kind letter of May 20th just yesterday and was indeed glad to receive it. Letters to us are often like a ray of sunshine into a coal pit. Everyone looks for mail. I am sorry Mr Boudett could not come over with the boys, I can appreciate to the greatest degree his feelings. When I read of my boys getting killed and wounded. I call them my boys because when I worked with them they were part of me and we were noted as the happiest company. On the route Marches who did the singing and whistling? Why D. Comp. and what part of D. Comp – why the Norwood Platoons. I did my best to hold the boys to-gether as long as possible.

I was sorry to here of the death of Rathwell, Beckett, Grant and Cross I am sure I had no finer characters in my Company than in Rathwell and Beckett.

Personally I have tried tell I am tired to get over but to us avail. Yesterday I was called into the adjuntant office and told that I was to be ready to accept the Adjutants job in a Forestry Bn in France. I will use that as a stepping stone. It disgusts me to see officers who have been in England since the first Contingent still trying to keep from France and they are in power here and do not appreciate ones desire to be in the thick of it.

I will write Karl a line to-day to cheer him up as I am sure he will be lonely. I understand he is at Otterpool.

I also intend to drop a line to Mrs Beckett & Mrs Rathwell oh yes and the mother of Tommy Parker.

Thanking you again
I am Sincerely
WC Thomson

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