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Date: April 29th 1917
Mr. Irwin
W.C. Thomson

Sunday April 29th 1917

Dear Mr Irwin:

I am afraid I have become rather negligent in regard to my personal correspondence but I know you will pardon me.

I do not know if I told you that I met Sgt Robus some time ago and gave him a lift. He is now in the pay
& record office in London.

You have every congratulation on the fact that you have a “boy” who is a [?].

I heard of the hurried call that was sent out to the boys of Norwood who enlisted in the 247th. I am sincerely sorry that you could not have had your son longer at home as a soldier.

I also heard of the kind words you used when speaking of the officer commanding the platoon in Norwood last winter and I hope that I may live up to all you say or think.

I received my commission to Lieutenant to proceed overseas and gave up my staff job only to have the [?] stop my commission and transfer and make me officer commanding C. Company 3rd C.C.D. I have two captains three Lieutenants and three hundred and eighty five other ranks under my command. L’Corp [?] Brown who was my platoon Sgt. last winter in Norwood is in my Company so we often have opportunity to talk over old times.

I had a letter from Henry Rorabeck who is in hospital at Nottingham suffering from Trench feet. He told me of the death of [?] [?].

Mr Irwin you cannot imagine my feelings on hearing of the death of the boys I recruited and not facing the same dangers myself. But I have done my best and who can do more?

I would be more than delighted to hear from you at any time and that if I run across your son or any of the Norwood boys in England you may rest assured that the will be given every consideration I have in my power.

I must remain
W Thomson

Captain W.C. Thomson
O.C. C. Company
3rd C.C.D.
St Leonards on Sea

[postscript] My kindest regards to the good people of your church and tell them that to date their boys are well. WT

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