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Date: November 13th 1916
Mr. Irwin
W.C. Thomson

Canadian Command Depot Shoreham by Sea,
Sussex, England

Dear Mr Irwin:

Just a line to inform you of my whereabouts and my state of health etc.

I am now with the C.C.D. at Shoreham by sea, instructing in several forms of military drills. The Canadian Command Depot is the place where wounded soldiers are drilled for returning to the front. The work is very interesting and easy but I feel I should be over in France with the boys but however we have to go to where we are sent.

You were asking for O’Brien well he went to France in September but was turned down on a bad knee and returned to England he was turned down on a bad knee and returned to England, he was unofficially reported killed but as he never saw the trenches it was not he. He is at present near here in the C.D.D. (Discharge Depot) he was to be discharged but it is now canceled and he is to be placed on P.B. (Permenant Base) as a clerk. I think they must have thought he was “swinging the lead” or the boys say when any one is “Johnny [?]” However I am not in any position to judge as I do not know. That knee of his has been a continual source of excuse.

He came into my hut last night and we had a long talk, I certainly told him what I thought of his actions while in Norwood and since leaving there.

Of course he claimed that he always was a loyal supporter of me but I am not sure however the least I can do is give him the benefit of the doubt and suppose he was.

[missing page]

I sincerely hope that all the boys will come through O.K. I saw W.S. Little’s name in the causality list the other day as wounded. I hope that that is the worst that will happen any of them.

You can tell your people that to the best of my knowledge all the boys are living and to all accounts well.

I notice that the “Vigilant” boy scouts have succeeded in finding Walkers clothes it certainly is a feather in there cap. I hope it is an example to the rest to keep continually on the allert. There is nothing like visual Training.

Well must close, hoping you and your beloved wife are in the best of health.

I am your sincere friend
Walter C Thomson

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