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Date: October 1st 1916
Mr. Irwin
W.C. Thomson

Oct. 1st. 1916

Dear Mr Irwin_

Just a line that encloses a few pamphlets which may may be of some value to you in giving small lectures to the Boy Scouts in whom I know you are very much interested. The lecture to Officers is of great value and a few hints might be given to the boys what kind of an example one must set in order to become a leader of men and to be a success as a soldier.

I am also enclosing a N.C.O.ā€™s hand book wich may give you a few helpful hints. I know that scouts are not soldiers yet I think that to-day that is their ambition and as the true soldier is a hater of strife a knowledge of soldiering enables a young man to despise war yet in the event of war to take his place as a soldier. Personally I can say that my training at N.H.S. in the Cadet Corps has been of great value to me in my present work.

I am indeed sorry to say that I am not able to state that the Norwood boys are all still under my commands as they have mostly gone to take their place and perhaps to offer up the supreme sacrifice, although that is a thing we do not like to think of nevertheless we have sometimes to stare the truth in the face, this is what makes me wish to get into it and share their troubles with them for it is my desire to be in France when the first casuality list is published (pray God that their be none), for I have learned to love the Norwood boys more than I thought it possible to love anyone previous to this and when boys like Karm Hendren, Cecil Watson, Henry Rorabeck, Wilbert King, and others like them went over to France and left me I felt it keenly. Some of the fellows ones who said at one time that they would never enlist under me broke down when I said good-bye to them and asked them to take care of themselves but to play the game.

When the Battalion is drafted I will send you a complete list of names of the Norwood boys where they are and what they are doing. Kindly convey to your people that to this date and to the best of my knowledge all the boys are well. Lloydd Duffield is doing admirable work as secretary and confidential clerk to the Medical Officer. At present I am just awaiting orders to go across to France. There is a draft going out to France on tuesday Graham and Grout are the only two men from Norwood that are going.

Well must close and get to work as Sunday is always the busiest day for me as Capt. Nelson takes it off.

Therefor must remain,
W C Thomson

Captain [?] O.C.ā€Dā€ Coy.

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