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Date: October 1st 1916
Mr. Irwin
W.C. Thomson

Canadian Command Depot
St. Leonards

Dear Mr Irwin:

Your ever kind and welcome letter of the 16th of October reached me this a.m. and noting the length of its travels I am answering immediately otherwise you might think me rather too negligent to be a good soldier.

I expect to go to France the first week in January at my own request and expect to hold my rank.

I am concieted enough to think that I have done good work in England.

I was sent to the Canadian Command Depot from the 39th Reserve Bn. The Depot was then at Shoreham near Brighton, I went to work as O.C. of D Division 700 strong, I was transferred from their as Adjutant of No. 2 Battalion and from there to Staff Captain on the Headquarters staff of the C.C.D. It was on our move from Shoreham to St Leonards on Sea that I did good work. However [?] my staff-job to stay in this job would I am sure result in me receiving my red-tabs on the General Administration staff as my work has been commented upon by the G.O.C. Troops at Hastings and as many of our officers here are getting staff jobs I think I should be in line, however I would rather go to France with the boys. I think the old Kaiser is on his last legs and needs all to “Bowl” him over, and settle him back[?] I was pleased to receive your enclosed circular letter it was indeed interesting.

I was sorry indeed to hear of Thomas Cross’s death it was indeed sad, and so much depended upon his life. I hope and pray the other fellows come through.

I enjoy my work here immensely we have a splendid house furnished, kitchen, scullery, Dinning Room, Parlour, study, eight bedrooms and a bath room. We have a servant apiece, a chef & helper, two waiters and a Corporal in Charge in change six of us in the house and everything “Jake”.

Well must close and remain your ever serious Friend

W C Thomson

Headquarters Staff

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