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Date: March 7th 1918
Mr. Irwin


Dear Mr. Irwin,

Received your long looked for letter a few days ago and was sure pleased to hear from you once again.  Since Nelson has moved away from Norwood I do not get much news from there.  Before Karl came over seas there was not much happened worth noting that I didn’t hear.  Have not heard from Karl for some time now the last letter I had he was at the 2nd Can. Div. Wing but I do not know whether he has joined his unit or not.  Still I suppose I will be getting a whizz bang or something from him one of these days.  Have not heard from my young brother for nearly a month now either. 

We are our on rest at present in a little town quite away behind shells but not from the roar of the guns.  One would have to go to Paris or further south than that to get clear of the sound I believe.  The people where I am billeted are very fine indeed.  The other might we had a great feed of “[?]” or some such a name as that.  I believe it is Patois as I could not find it in the dictionary.  At any rate the above named food stuff is very similar to our waffel so I imagined myself home again and at a pan-cake social only we didn’t have any maple syrup.  I guess the sap didn’t run this spring and so the total lack of syrup.

The weather seems to be improving slightly this afternoon but could improve more as yet.  We have had a very nasty spring compared with our winter.  April was really worse than February.  It is not cold but rains almost every day while than the winter it seldom rained.  The sun is shining at present but only for a short while by the looks of the sky.

The war still progresses and so we are inevitably coming closer to the finish.  When I guess no one knows but let’s hope soon.

Give my best regards to Mrs. Irwin and all the children.  Wishing you every success and good health.

I am sincerely

A Wellman

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