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I stood the tramp alright only I was very thirsty and as it was warm, what clothes I did have on were just soaking [?]. I felt alright when I got my clothes changed and had a good supper.

We get plenty to eat now and it is eatable alright. I think I told what the menu generally was. It satisfies me when I get plenty of it. I generally get away with 5 slices of bread every meal so I wont die of starvation yet awhile. The sleeping part is getting better the ground does not feel so hard now as it did at first and if you use your own clothes for cover you are generally warm enough.

For the washing part the fellows have been taking their clothes to a laundry. I have not done so yet, thinking I might get home but I think I will take them soon now myself.

The other fellows in the tent are S.J. Cann, W. Nunn, Ed Oke, R. Passmore and W. Jeffery not too bad a bunch at all.

I am glad Will is making some progress at home. He is proving himself capable of taking care of things for a while and going ahead as well. I suppose you will have the potatoes in now too, unless you have had more rain. I am glad Harry is doing his share of the chores now, seeing as I am not there to help.

Walter Keddy must be putting things through in a hurry now that he has got started. I suppose Charley K. will be nearly all done seeding now, roots, corn and all.

They are going to put on the time one hour in London to-night. Camp time will have to be moved on too. We will be keeping the same hours only in reality we will be one hour ahead of the right time.

Is Maggie not going to school now? So Kathleen has not forgotten me yet. Those early potatoes of mine will maybe be a good crop yet. I hope that you are not too badly disappointed and have got rid of that cold.

With love to all.
John C. Strang

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Original Scans