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Date: October 19th 1916

Camp Borden,
Thur. Oct. 19, 1916.

Dear Bro. -

It is a wet morning in Camp Borden, rather a dreary outlook. I don't think we will drill to-day anyway. We were inoculated yesterday forenoon over at the hospital and we haven't done much since.

My chest is rather sore this morning, but I think I will get over it alright especially if the weather is dirty and we haven't any parade to-day.

You would see by the paper that there has been a little snow here. Monday night there was a very high wind. We were called out in the middle of the night on account of a fire, which burnt the Headquarter's Officers kitchens and Mess Room. The wind carried showers of sparks over our tents but they were wet and none of them caught on fire. In the morning there was quite a bit of hard snow lying on the ground.

We have not suffered much from the cold weather so far although there is a pretty raw wind sometimes. We haven't had any more definite word since we were home about when we leave here of where we are going. Battalions are moving out for winter quarters nearly every day but we are still here.

We had an inspection both Monday and Tuesday, but we have not heard the results of either of them yet. Col. Campbell inspected us Monday, and Gen. Lessard inspected us on Tuesday.

Last Friday we marched out to the parade grounds for a review for Sir Sam Hughes, but it rained when we got there so we just turned and came home again. We didn't see Sir Sam at all.

How are you getting on at home? I haven't had any letter from home, but I had one from Janet last week. Hoping this finds you all well and don’t forget to write when you find time.

From your bro.
John Strang

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