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Date: September 10th 1917
Malcolm (Max)

Sept Tenth

My Dear May,

Your very welcome letter of Aug 8 arrived last night and, as it was the first I got from home for three weeks, it was particularly welcome.

I hope your increasing weight keeps on rising and that you pass 110 & 6 and never see it again.

I was sorry to hear that Uncle Jack was knocked out by the lumbago. To be confined to bed would be quite an ordeal for such a busy man as he.

I hope to be able to find Jack Donnelly within the next month or so. I have not seen him since we left his division.

Al, no doubt, is happy once more with Lil home again. I hope he does not think I’ve gone bughouse when he reads the letter I wrote him a few days ago. I was giving a few tips on “housekeeping while the Queen Bee is away”.

Yes I got the box with the shortbread and fudge: and I got one today containing lump sugar, chocolate and clothes from home. Thank you very much. It is hard to express the gratitude one feels when he’s able to change his clothes after a bath in a shell hole or when ones clothes go on a route march on their own.

Sept. Eleventh 2 A.M.

Phone duty is my happy task just at present but the early hour doesn’t signify much as I will have a good sleep when I come off duty at light.

Things look good for our old scout sergt. And his corporal both of our old regiment. The former, as we considered it, early a V.C. on March 1st (when Art got his blighty) and got a D.C.M. for it and has now been recommended for the V.C. and been given a bar to his D.C.M. His corporal Bob Haxton has been awarded the D.C.M. The sergt’s name is Billy Hannsford: they are both in Murray’s old battalion.

Say May, I have just finished reading a book that Marion sent me and a great many of the lads of the section are after it too: needless to say, it is a dandy. The name is “The Master Christian” by Marie Corelli and I advise you to read it if you get a chance.

Two more days and you will be passing another milestone, eh, May! The MacDonell family is steadily growing up and pretty soon Dad and Mother will be seeing the last of the gang off to Kingston and settling back to await an annual Homecoming. Goodness knows! They must be lonesome enough now with Bruce off to Williamstown and no one to care whether it is an east or a west wind blowing over the fly. I let Bruce’s birthday go by without mention but that does not say that I did not think of it. I wish you both the best the world can hold in store and a happiness and contentment that only unselfish pure lives can have.

I had intended writing this letter in French but I’m afraid it will have to wait for translation at the other end if it is going to have any at all.

My fondest love to all at home and elsewhere.
Your loving brother


Cpl M.J. MacDonell

No I never heard from our Hawaiian lady. She sent one to Cpl Ross at xmas too. I’ll let you know next Xmas.

I can’t help laughing at Bruce going to Wmstown to school. Won’t he be wise. And whatsont of a high-mucky-muck will Charlie be as guardian over our baby.

I will try to find out what happened to Mark if we ever get near enough their []

Some sort of mix up here May. I’m too sleepy to figure it out. This will have to be an extra sheet. MJM

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