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Date: June 21st 1917
Malcolm (Mac)

June 21 ‘17

My Dear Ewan,

Your very welcome letter containing Al’s, May’s and Charlies’s contributions was thankfully received last night. I’m curious to know where you will be sent when you come to this country. Should you ever come to this part of the country you won’t find it hard to locate us if you remember that we are in (piece cut out of letter) Bell Mantiu.

My mail has been rather irregular for some time but I usually manage to get a letter from home and perhaps Allie and Lil may turn their heads toward me occasionally. They seem to be quite happy in their new house – and with each other.

Do you know, Ewan, or rather do your realize that Wee Davie will be thinking pretty soon of “home” matters, etc. Won’t it be strange to be taking Medical advice from him! I would rather like to see him come out here with a medical unit before the end of the scrap. Not that I’m strong on service, but just for his own experience. Why! He’d get more experience out here in 6 months than he would in 10 years practice.

What unit did your friend Gordon Bunt go to? You know their unit met with the same fate as ours.

Everything is jake Ewan
So long
Your loving brother


Cpl M J MacDonell


Yours from Base Received. Write and let me know the sort of work you are doing etc.

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Original Scans