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Date: May 15th 1917

628 Government Ave
Morse Place
May 15th 1917

My Dear Jack –

Really I am almost ashamed to write to you.  We get a letter from you nearly every week and I think the least one could do would be to send you one letter a week.  But letter writing nearly always falls on me back home and every other chore there.  I am looking forward to a visit home this summer if all goes well but all the world seems so upset for now that I made no plans.  I had a letter from Erin Sat and yesterday.  He seems well but of course is the thick of it.  You have heard me speak of Jim Bird.  His people had a message Sunday he had gunshot wounds in his left leg feet and ankles.  His mother feels bad about it but I tell her she should be thankful he is out of it.  Mother said in her letter Jim Spicer is back.  Well Jack I think old Jim has his hardest battles to fight yet and may not come so victorious as some fellows will.  I pity the woman he is bringing there.  We had a short visit from [?] and met him at the station and brought him home to dinner and took him out to [?] for a supper.  He looks fine and seems in good spirits and I think will do as well farming as any thing else.  Mother says [?] has her house real nice.  I was up to see Aunt Abbie last week she is now in bed again.  The Dr wants her to have another operation but she does not think she will.  She was telling me Hallie Mooney was in England taking an officers course he is I thing Sergt-Major now.  So he will likely be out of this.  S[?] and her [?] are going back this summer so we will likely have another visit from them.  Mr Rice is dead he died under an operation for appendicitis.  He was not very old either.

I have a parcel I am mailing the same time as this to you.  I hope you get it alright and enjoy it and will send another soon.  Mother said they have sent you a pipe so I did not put in but if you still want it let us know.  I put in a bit of reading matter I don’t know if you have time for reading or not but you can pass them on.  Will send some homemade candy in the next box.

Now my dear Jack I must quit for this time.  Hoping you are well and are able to keep out of the great advance as you have had your share.  With much love from us all.

I remain
your loving
sister Mammie

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