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Date: 1944

19-180248 Sgt Jamieson D.
426 Squadron RCAF
Linton on Ouse

Dear Jeannie

Received your letter a couple of days ago and so here I am in quick response.

Everything is coming along pretty good as usual and I hope you are the same.

I had a letter from your Ma today am very sorry to here she got the flu.  I’ll bet Rose Marie was glad to get home for a few days.

My next leave comes along about the twenty ninth of this month.  I guess I will to up to Scotland then as they tell the me the mush eaters really celebrate that day.

Don’t take no offence by the word mush-eater its only a term we use for Scotsmen.

Say whats the idea of calling me quack.  Do you know you might hurt someones feelings.  Your lucky Im part Scotch

Not very much to say about this dump or dive it don’t change very much one time its a dump and the next time its a dive.

I haven’t got your letter with me right now so I can’t remember any more wise-cracks you made except some pretty hard remarks about Canadians or the best country in the world.

My brother Bill was up here for awhile he went back a couple of days ago.

Guess Im running out of gab fast.  I don’t just know what to write about

Make sure you don’t work to hard.  Be Good.



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