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Date: December 1943

R-180248 Jamieson D S
426 Squadron

Dear Jeannie

Well here I am in dock or as you would say in hospital with nothing to do but produce my ignorance on paper so I figure I might as well add to your intelligence.

I kind of got an airoplane wraped around my neck since last I wrote you, or heard from you, so it leaves me with a little bit of news.

I hope you don’t mind the writing to much as I’m flat on my back in the RAF hospital at Northalerton near York.

I guess you will want to know just what happened so I’ll relieve your curiosity.

We were just over our own country coming back from Berlin.

We decided to come down through the clouds to see what good Old England looked like so we did.

The clouds were on the deck instead of in the air and we hit the deck at a hundred and ninety miles an hour.

We spread our kite out over a stretch of 200 yds and out of the seven of us five were killed and one broke his back.

I only got 10 stitches in my head.

Didnt I tell you its better to have a hard head than one with brains.  Guess you’ll believe me now.

What makes me mad is because I want to be able to get drunk Xmas I hope I get out before New Years

Well it looks like I’ve hit the end of the trail.

Merry Xmas & happy New Year to all



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Original Scans