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Date: December 15th 1915

Dec. 15th, 1915 

Dear Mother; 

I got your letter of the 17th with those of the girls enclosed, after that of the 26th. 

As you know very well I like getting letters better than answering them but I will try to answer these anyway. 

Please thank Mrs. Poucher for the candies. We always finish anything like that in a hurry. You say Miss Edmiston is going to Vancouver. Will you thank her for the book – David Copperfield – she sent. I never wrote to her. Also Mrs. Wilson sent me a Christmas card and hoped I would meet Charlie. I haven’t seen Charlie yet but I would like to acknowledge the card. 

Bramley-Moore was asking me one day if his kids were going to Sunday School and when I said they were he hoped he would be home in time to teach them the fallacy of anything they learned there. He sent “Roberts” message to the troops back to his oldest boy and crossed out the part about fearing God and told him to fear nobody. He is funny some times he is so bitter. 

The new draft came in the other day – part of the 3rd University Company. Reg Henry, Don Edwards, Bob Martin and young Skinner are among them. A little fellow called Baker, from the Bank of Commerce, is with them too. 

It’s alright to be with men from home again but I liked the British battalions very well. If I ever got a commission in the Imperial Army I would like to go with the Highlanders, or “Jocks” as they call them. The Germans don’t like to see the bayonets and the kilts coming over the parapet. I heard a little story about a Highlander at Loos that would make an Englishman say the “Jocks” were still savages. I won’t repeat it here, though. 

I am very well and haven’t even got a cold. It gets pretty cold here and then it’s wet too but it hasn’t bothered me any. I am afraid if I ever get a commission I will sympathize too much with the men. I almost feel glad when I see an officer cold and wet. I am writing to Mrs. Henry for a pair of long boots. Thanks very much for sending the money. 

I am writing to the girls and will try to write again in decent time. There is not a great deal to write about and there are a lot of interesting things we can say nothing about. 

I remain as ever Your loving son