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Date: March 6th 1917

6th March 1917

Dear Winnie: –

I received your letter of Feb 4th today & your parcel a few days ago.

I am glad to hear that things are looking a little better over there now. North Vancouver must be quite a busy place these days.

Don't forget to tell anyone who asks about me that I am feeling fine. It is quite a change for me to be back at a desk from tramping in the mud with a big load on my back. The war may be over anytime & I may be back in North Van again, although there were lots of times when I thought it was "all up". If I do get across O.K. I'm going to try to stay off home for a while.

Don't forget to answer the few questions I asked you in my last letter.

I sent a few souvenirs I got from Fritz to Bill Holland in a little parcel and one for you in the same parcel with a note asking him to give it to you the next time you called. Willie Wildflower – surely that can't be our cousin Willie?

I wonder who my new boss is, or will be.

I saw Emslie again a few days ago.

I was going to send the kids something several times but let it slide.

Your letters are never censored.


JA Corcoran



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