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Date: May 5th 1940

B Coy. 48th Hldrs
Base P.O.

May 5th 40

{excuse the ink but I have to use this colour on my reports and it saves me refilling my pen}

Dear Jessie;

Just a few lines to say “Hello Canada” how are you or rather how were you.  According to your letter you are feeling fine that is something to be thankful for.  You know Jessie after all we all think we have worries galore but when you look around you and take notice, we aren’t so bad off after all.

Talk about worries, some of my duties as C.O.S. last week was to parade the men who are sick to the M.O.  Every morning a chap named Canfield was there I asked him what his trouble was and he didn’t know, he has been feeling bad for the past few weeks; he has been vomiting his breakfast every morning.  I almost laughed at him, instead I asked how his wife was he looked puzzled but said she was fine.  Believe me or not his wife is going to have a blessed event I don’t know how soon but watch your papers it won’t be long now.  Poor chap he doesn’t see the M.O. anymore but he doesn’t keep his breakfast down neither.  He never knew till May 3rd as his wife didn’t want to worry him.

I received two picture from Pearl the other day of the boys, they sure look good.  I mean I never realized they had grown so much Howard especially, ask Pearl why she wasn’t in the picture I would have liked to have one of her to in fact I want pictures of everyone as it is great to see for yourself [remainder missing]

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Original Scans