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My Sweetheart
Jessie M Wood

My sweetheart.

My Dear big sweetheart, fond and true, Thinking of girlie so far away. For girlie is all this world to you – your dream by night and your hope by day. What though your lass be of humble birth; The love in your heart her praise will sing;

Dear little grey eyes, knows your worth Affection enthrones you as her my king.

Brave little Lassie, whose soft words cheer when the world is dark and the skies overcast. Making the future seem bright and clear – The haven of joy looms up at last, Laddie, fold close to your loyal breast This dear little woman, fond and true; Her creed is simple and soon confessed In a sweet and tender, I love you.

I copied and changed this but I think it suits us better now. Your own little girlie Jessie M Wood.