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Date: December 2nd 1917
Little Wife
W. J. Wood

Letter no. 70

From 644539. Pte. W J. Wood Virginia Water Camp C.F.C.

Surrey, England.

To Mrs. W. J. Wood Box 639, Midland, Ont. Canada

Dec 2nd & 3rd 1917

My Dear Little Wife. I have no letter to reply to this evening, but today having a few hours available, as well as paints and bright weather. I got busy copying and studying a facsimile reproduction of Norm’s painting “Kari” of which I have written before most rapturously. The fact is I could not leave it in London so bought it as the best example of the painter’s art to be seen in the world.

I hate to state what I paid for it (Three Pound)! But it is worth that to me. It is an incomparable example as an exact reproduction as well as being of an incomparable artist’s outstanding piece of work. Anyway I have three-pound, four shillings owing to me for artwork done for Mr. Morse. If he is going to be good enough to pay me.

I copied it the print today on a small scale in oils and did it well: so that, should I have to move where I would not risk my precious print I will still have a standard for comparison in my little copy. But the picture; like the lovely one of my own dear Canadian peasant girl will be kept by me as long as possible. You may find traces of paint on this stationary for every little while I go dabbling at the wet copy with my thumb finishing up the drawing.

We had our first flurry of snow here today but it was just enough to see and went off in a few minutes.

I have packed up and got rid of our late O.C. and moved a successor into his room. Capt. Leary is booked for the Island of Cyprus away down near Jerusalem the home of the Jews. The new O.C. is likely to be a more agreeable chap. Though after our first differences Capt Leary was all right to me. I’ve finished a very good portrait sketch of Lt. Read. He going to have me get it suitably framed down in Egham. An M.P. from Smith’s Lawn gave me a photo that he carried with him until he got wounded in France. It is of his wife. I have copied it in color and also in black and white for his approval. It will be a shilling or so if he takes them. The cook who I told you in my 79th letter was going on leave home to Scotland is back to camp, but he has not got back to his old job is not likely to either I believe – too careless and untidy or dirty.

The papers say that Canadian Soldier’s wives and dependents are to get five dollars a month more separation allowance, the first payment being ten dollars for the two months of Dec. & and Jan.

We are to vote presently on the coming election. I will vote for conscription since volunteers are not forthcoming:

Will close for tonight and go to bed and may have time to add more or think of more to add tomorrow. Xmas is coming may you all enjoy it. I will think of you all with love.

Your own Old Hubby.

W. J. Wood.

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Original Scans