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Date: July 2nd 1944
Arthur Bergquist

Minncog Island,

Midland Ont.,

July 2, 1944.

Dear Ma Pa & Ruth:

Just a few lines to let you all know that I am back on the island again. I wont have time to write very much to-night because it is now eleven o’clock. A half an hour after I got back here I had to go to work on one of the boats and I just got finished it was a job that had to be done to-night.

It sure was awfully hard to leave Rubert this evening to come back here, and I sure will miss not being able to spend the odd week ends with him. Rubert is feeling alright so I know he will be okay. Rubert arrived at Midland on Saturday at about 5.30 so we had a whole day to-gether Last night we went to the show and it was a pretty good show. One of the pictures was on with all those tough kids in it, and the other was a “Hopalong Cassidy” picture. After the show we walked around town a bit, and to-day we did the same, except for a walk by “Little Lake” where there are a lot of tourists now.

I hope you get the letter with the money order Ma. Just as soon as I get the rest of my months pay I will send you some more. Dont forget to keep the twenty dollars though Ma, it will help pay for part of the phone calls I dont know whether I will be able to go to Midland this coming week-end or not, so if I cant go I wont be able to phone you. Seeing as how I had this week-end off I dont think you had better count on my phoning you this coming week-end. If I am not in Midland this coming Saturday night I will be the next. I may be going to Midland this Wednesday night being on this island makes it hard for me to plan anything ahead because I never know for sure whether I will get off or not. I should know better by this Wednesday whether I will be in town on this coming Saturday night and if I am I will phone you then, and I will phone about 10 o’clock your time. If Joe is in town then Ruth and you are going out let me know by return mail and I will make the call still later, so you can go out anyways. I could phone about 6 o’clock in the morning here which would mean about 8 o’clock in the morning in  Vancouver I will let you know when I write on Tuesday night whether I think I will be in Midland this coming Saturday night or not though, and if I am not we had better make it the following Saturday.

Rubert had his uniform on and the sure looked swell. I wanted to take his picture but he didn’t want his picture taken so I didn’t get one. Rubert dont seem to go much on having his picture taken but I sure wish he had let me. He said that he would be writing to you all at home all the time and to me too.

Rubert sent a money order home to you too Ma for $60. I sure hope you get it alright too. Rubert was saying that the pay sure isnt too bad in the Navy, and it sure isnt, is it? Rubert was telling me that someone told him that we have just about the best job in the Navy, so you dont have anything to worry about. This business will probably be soon over and we will both be back home to stay, and start building houses again.

Well I will have to stop here for to0night but I will write more to-morrow, so hoping that you are all alright I will stop here.

Love to you all


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