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Date: August 5th 1917
Little Wife
W J. Wood

# Letter #53 from 644539- Pte. W. J Wood Virginia Water Camp C.F.C.

Surrey, England.

To Mrs W J. Wood, Box 639, Midland, Ont. Canada, Aug. 5/1917

My Dear Little Wife:- Your #42 & 27 letters to hand this week. I should not have asked in late letters about somethings and would have about others had I got your 27th sooner. I did not know about your last “gas” attack. I well remember the one in Temiskaming. I am glad all is well again then in the 27th you explained why “Heppy” came home. I remember getting the snapshot in the parcel and showing it but I do not know just where it is now. It was fine. I was also glad to know that J.J. Elliot thought well of my last to him. I must acknowledge the ‘news bags’ and write him a line or two again. Then I thought you would mention the versed “The littlest of all” which you did in #27. Then I also learned that you got the 157th badges O.K. Now in your 42nd letter of July 15th you ask about Sunningdale Camp; as far as privates are concerned it, means “Smith’s Lawn” which is where I was and a mile or more from where I am now. I did not see Tom. G yet. He may not be there now either.

I am happy to learn about our dear, successful scholars. They are welcome to the money you gave them, let them buy what they will with it. They are good sensible youngsters and are wise in storeing up all the education they can while yet there is time.

Yes Sweetheart. “One Hour with Thee” Let it both morning and evening be and soon!

One of our batmen had to go with the lot sent back to the base, “Smith’s Lawn” so yesterday and this morning I had to go down to “The Wheatsheaf” and clean up for Major Featheringstonehall who is leaving soon. Col. McLaren is now acting as officer in command here.

Tomorrow is “Bank Holiday” in England, I do not know how we will fare. I have not made that trip to London yet but will likely go next Tuesday. Then I think I will send another parcel of stuff home to you. I got a letter from MacKinnons in Toronto lately written in Feb. I answered it at once, but have one from home and Mr Thorburn to answer yet. I hope things are hopeful at Smithville again. We have had a wet week. Today is fair enough to enjoy however.

I am going along day by day, doing my work and etching and sketching, etc. etc. happy to be left at it and sorry for the poor chaps who come over and hardly touch England until they are hustled of to France or elsewhere. Yet I long for the end of all this, the homeward journey and its destination.

I have not got it by me just now. I am in the Recreation Hut which adjoins the “dry canteen.” Where Mrs gen Carey & the Princess A of T are behind the counter I was into buy polish and showed some late work. The Princess says she wrote and told Madame Edwina that I had etched her and says Madame writes that she feels quite flattered. Hee, Hee! She of course has not seen it yet.

Well Darling, while you claim the present to be rather blank for you. I have to admit that my position is better than yours, I’ve always said so, for while my happiness is not complete, as I’ve known happiness with you, my love. Every ounce of energy and every hour I may rescue from sleep is full of activity and definite interest, and if this infernal upheaval and confusion ever comes to an end while we live we will find ourselves richer in knowledge and experience, even you are learning and experiencing that which you did not meet with while we lived the years together. May the source of life and love continue with us and permit us to meet again in Love and health and happiness. My love you have, my wife and babes.

Your hopeful, loving Hubby.

Pte W J Wood.

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Original Scans