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Date: June 24th 1917
Little daughter
W J. Wood

From 644539 Pte. W. J. Wood. Virginia Water Camp. C.F.C

Surrey, England

To Miss E. Irene Wood, Box 639. Midland, Ont. Canada June 24th 1917.

My Dear Little daughter:- I was very much pleased to get a letter from you; so well written, so newsy and loving, I object, however, to so many kisses. Thirty five kisses just smothers me now because I never get any here and so am not used to them: Just send me one for every day of the week and send them along every week regularly and then I will be used to them more and later you might add to them. You wrote very plainly and neater than ever before, so I know that you are trying to improve, which is the right thing to do always, every day, in every thing you are doing. I try to do that every day and that is why everybody likes me and treats me well. That is why your dear mother is wanted everywhere, she is good and bright and cheerful: that is why your “daddy” loves her so.

I hope you find blossoms and flowers enough to please you these lovely summer days, and that you are all enjoying both the flowers and the days as you should. You and Sylvia and Leon and Verne and your darling mother. I am now, since my cold is better. I can smell the lovely perfume of flowers and grass and leaves, see their lovely colors and shapes and size; hear the birds sing and the breezes in the trees and all the interesting sounds of music and laughter. I shall be happy always to learn that my loved ones at home are able to enjoy all their senses, sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and all without pain.

Your loving Daddy, W. J. Wood.

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Original Scans