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Date: October 13th 1916
Little Wife
W J. Wood

From 644539. Pte. Wm J Wood D. Co 157th Bn. CEF

On train East of Toronto Oct. 13 1916

Beginning to write at 7:45 P.M. in an upper bunk over Darcy R. and Shaw.

My Dear Little Wife:-

Last night at this time we were together in Camp Borden, happy and pleased to be there near each other. The train took you away even as it had brought you. Tonight the space grows ever greater between us and will grow on by day and night until about Tuesday next. We left about three oclock. At Allandale people were out to see us pass, many from Barrie, in spite of rain and wind. Mrs. & Mrs Myers and daughter Margret were there and gave me and Mr. Roy and Picotte a box of goodies, but I have not opened up anything yet even yours. We have had peaches and sandwiches and supper since we came aboard. Darcy, Payne, myself and three other besides Sargt. Norton, went to the dining car and carried the supper to the 14th platoon in car no. 8. Everyone will get a turn of it. We had a stop in Toronto. We must have been expected many were down to meet acquaintances. From every house at windows and doors people waved their hands and bid us goodbye as we passed through the city.

The boys are noisier and wilder than anything you saw at camp. Bill Payne has just handed around a box of grapes and candy. I took grapes. I forgot today I got a cake from somebody else. Hepworth brought it to me. We ate it up at once. At noon we were handed a couple sandwich and told to go to the 122nd lines, for to sit down to a bowl of tea.

Writing up here while the car goes on is rather shakey, I will try to post this in Montreal about 5 oclock tomorrow morning.

We have no heat in these cars as yet and only two blankets each. It is rather chilly at present. We are supplied with writing material and stamps by the Chaplin on the train so everything thing is lovely. Of course we buy the stamps. I will close with this sweetheart, and get a sleep.

Bye bye W J. Wood

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