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Date: December 11th 1916

Welland, Dec.11.1916

My dear Mother.

Yesterday I did not get a letter written you, as you know by now, I suppose, or you would have received it Tues., I mean to get one written here at school this morning but was too busy.- doing Bank Business- writing on new names for the week’s stars. And besides the Inspector was wandering around the premises. He was in at recess and talked the recess with me. He wanted to know if I had cut the telephone wires over at Queen Street School. But I pleaded not guilty. I have not had him yet but expect if he keeps on the war path that I will have him tomorrow or the next day. He’s just like an old woman though- just comes in and gossips. Really he’s not a bad dose for an Inspector.

By the way, I guess I did not receive a letter from you last week. Why not? I had one from Lucky Dick & Leila to-day at noon, and also I was interested in one of Mrs. B’s, for I got $1.26 out of it. We are having an awful time getting our underwear from Simpsons. It is a regular joke but too long a story to tell here. And the $1.26 is the refund for my stockings so I’ll have to rely on my big coat to keep me warn. It is big enough for it at least.

Yesterday morning Mary & I were out to church but in for the rest of the day. I read a couple of Posts & started “My Year of the Great War”- got 160 pages read but there are 450 pages. So I’ll have to hustle. I have so many other things to do.

I started my dress-well, last Wed after school I cut it out. Sat, I worked at it all day and it did not seem as if I got much done. But I had not got up till 9.30.- after having gone to bed the night before at 9.30 (slept the clock around.) I wanted to go right home tonight and go at it but I have your letter to write besides one to Leila and when I do get home after my trip down street, Bert Topp will be there. She was there to day for dinner- the first time for a long while.

I am going to crochet ends for a bath towel for Mrs. B., so I’ll have to get at that. I just got the material at noon to-day.

Last week we were over to the minister’s Wed evening took our work with us. Then Thurs. I was up to Forsters for tea and we played 500 afterwards. Cecil & I played Mr. Forster and Dot. Mr. Forster is so Irish, that everything he says is so funny.

Wesley was here again on his way from Toronto, on Wed. noon. So was Edna & the 2 kids. And Gordon came up in the evening. He’s the craziest thing invented. He gets me giggling every time He gave an imitation of me teaching school. –Then Enda was saying they could not get be and in Port Robinson and Gordon says,: “We have lots of has-beens”.

Sat. we had a terrible blizzard but I did not go out all day. Sun. it was stormy and cold too but it has got a lot warmer again to-day. Good thing for us-without any underwear.

I have been crocheting edges on handkerchiefs and I have 3 done.

I guess I’ll stop here [?] an [?] ready for Leila next.



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