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Date: November 18th 1917
Mother & Father


Dear Mother & Father.-

I have just had dinner and thought as it is very dull out I would just sit down and write some letters. If it clears up we shall no doubt go for a little walk.

In the truth I really do not know just what to do. There seems that on Sunday in London is full of nothing no pleasure nothing to do except go to church and when you get there you find about twenty people.

Well I have heard nothing more about my commission but I suppose it will come through unexpected some of these days when you are not looking for it. I wish it would show up for really I am fed up with being in London. Just 23 months.

How are all getting along. I hope that mother is better and father is the best health. How is Port McNicoll these days, is it any better for father. Surely he will have a good time this fall. Christmas is about here and I just wished that I could drop in and give you a call that day but instead I suppose I will have dull old London to look out on again.

There are not so many boys around today I suppose it is that no leave has been granted in Camp. There are more over from France than from Camp what I have seen of them seems to give me the idea that they are still in the best of spirits. They want to be so far I do not think this war is over by a long way. My candid opinion is that if I see Canada in 1920 I will be doing well. of course that is only my opinion and I secretly hope that it is wrong. Everything is looking anything but bright at the present time. I do not wish to discourage you, but it really doesn’t.

I was in a restaurant the other night and fish cost me as much a chicken so you can guess what I had. Chicken of course!

Well I will close hoping you are well & having a real good time in General.

From Your loving Son



I enclose some pictures with were taken a Richmond.


Original Scans

Original Scans