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Date: October 27th 1917
Mother & Father

London Oct 27/17

Dear Mother & Father

There it goes for a little letter no doubt by the time you get this you will be thinking that I have forgotten you but it isn’t so. I have been working the last two week ends and so didn’t have the time. This weekend I am writing to you from the office and using Office paper.

Well my Commission papers are through Canadian H.q. and are now in the [?] so I suppose I will be called up any time next week and after that it will be a matter of three weeks before I London.

I have had letters from Leila & Gladys this week but none from home. I had several lots of papers, one this morning I hope you are all getting along alright and having a real good time for I am having a fairly good time.

Three years ago today I started with Stan White and the bunch for Mowat for a good deer hunt. I wish I could have that pleasure today I know it would do me a lot of good for I feel as if two weeks holiday would not do me any harm.

I have just balanced up any books for a week and find that I have handled $ for last week and thank goodness it balances to a cent. If it hadn’t balanced I would have had to check the whole weeks work to find out my mistake.

I might say one thing and that is that I will not be sending any Christmas presents this year. I will need all my money for my Commission of course it will be self supporting after I get it for I will receive 26/- or $6.35 a day after I have gained my wings.

Well the Captain has just came along and wants me to check some work with him so I will have to close for the present so will say Bye Bye.

Your Loving Son


P.S. I am enclosing a menu & Programmer of a Banquet we had two weeks coming Monday notice Sir Geo Perley’s signature.


Give This cigarette picture to Mr. Ruley and ask him if he ever saw it before.


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