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Date: April 13th 1918
Mother & All

Somewhere in Egypt.


Dear Mother & All.-

We are back to the hotel sure again and to tell the truth I am not sorry. It is much easier to keep clean in here, beside having a better opportunity to write and study your notes.

I have been sleeping all afternoon but am now going down into the City to have tea and look around. They say the city in itself is very dirty so when I got back from down town I shall tell you in this letter.

I feel rather lazy after sleeping. Our thing to do here is sleep soundly. Why it in I do not know.


Well I got here from the city last night at 12.30 pm. Letters and the photos I sent you can make out the city we were in. it is some place and I am not going to start describing it. I will have to do that when I get home. I will say that the people are very dirty and that I would not care to live here for the rest of my life. That is enough for that I will tell you all about it someday if I have the nerve.

We were all good and tired when we got home and from what I saw one of it I do not think we shall go to the Pyramids today as we planned.

Well we are over half our course now and by the time you receive this letter I hope to be in the School of Military Aeronautics and perhaps through that too. Our work at present is theoretical but when we leave here it will be somewhat practical and will seem much easier.

Really there seems to be no news to tell but for the time being- I will close and get dressed for church parade.

It is just 1.30 pm we have had lunch and have been served out with shorts drill [?] tunic & helmets. It was nearly time to have them for it is getting terribly hot. So much so that we do not have anything to do from 11.00 till 14.15 oclock I wish you could be here between those hours and just see what it is like. You will have to excuse the change of paper but I have run out of it and had to buy this as they had no other.

One of my room mates have gone to the Pyramids today the rest of us are going next Sunday.

By the way we had a real good sermon this morning. I think it was one of the best I ever heard. I do not know who he was but Mr. Ellist could not touch home by miles.

How are you all getting along at home. Are you having a good time or has the war taken all pleasure out of life. I know when we are out in the hot sun we say Oh oh such a lovely war!

The War mews we get here is anything but pleasant or does it point to an early finish of the war. All we shall have to do is stick to it until Germany is beaten. Perhaps it will take awhile to do so but stay with it and we shall have them in the end.

I shall have to close hoping you are well & having a real good time.

With love.



Received neither of the parcels as yet.

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