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Date: August 11th 1918
Mother & All

Egypt. 11.8.18.

Dear Mother & All.

I hope you will excuse me writing this letter in pencil but my pen has run dry and I shall have get the use of some ink to address this letter.

How are you all at home I sincerely hope you are having a real good time. How many times have you been up the lakes this year or did you take a trip up north instead. Is the summer resorts very busy this year. I suppose there will be the same rush as usual at Honey Harbor. I would certainly like to have been up this year. It seems years since I have been there. As a matter of fact it has for this is August 11th The time does roll on. Perhaps another year will have come and gone before a trip up those peaceful lakes. I know I shall certainly enjoy it when the time does come.

I was just thinking before I started writing that Gladys will soon be poking her nose out west again. I shall have to write her. Just imagine writing to her Western address before she even starts west.

There is very little to tell you for we do not get much of a chance to see things. This is not a very big place and we are camped on the sands so that is all there is to it Oh I might tell you also that I am going for my first flight tomorrow. No doubt I shall be up and flying before you go to bed. As a matter of fact I don’t suppose you are out of bed as I write this for it is now 2.30pm or 14.30 and it would be 7.0am In Canada. I am making a mess of this letter as I am trying to write with a pencil as long as my finger.

No more mail up to the present perhaps it has gone down perhaps it is trying to find. I hope I shall not loose the last two parcels you spoke about in your last letter. It is just over three weeks since I had a letter from home. I hope some soon arrives

Well I shall close

Love to all



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