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Date: September 7th 1918
Mother & All

Egypt. 7.9.18.

Dear Mother & All.-

Yesterday I received Mother’s letter dated July 6th and today I received Leila’s letter dated June 22nd I am very sorry to hear that Mother has been so poorly and sincerely hope she is feeling in the best of spirits from now on.

It is Saturday night 20.05 hours. I have had dinner and do not feel much like going down Street. I have a lot of clothes to buy that another day will do for that, tomorrow perhaps. All the stores are open on Sunday.

This is the only letter I have to write ad I shall be up to date with my letters. This week I have written 6 letters. I had one from Bess Anderson and several from England I also had another lot of Midland papers today.

Every thing seems to quiet out here that one does not know what to put in one’s letters.

I was down for a swim about 17.00 hours, it is nicer going in, in the evening. I wish we could do so every night but as you know we cant have everything our own way.

So Stuart caught a cold waiting to be examined. No doubt he shall have a good many grudges on account of being forced into the Army. Not for mine I am glad I joined when you had your own free will to consent. This training wont be all plain sailing for from what I can hear of Conscripts training.

Bess Anderson said that Penetang had a good day’s sports on the 1st July and from what they said in the paper they did. I would like to have a real good days sports, say another good day on a racecourse in England.

Two weeks in Northern Canada would suit me fine especially with the old party. They are scattered to the 4 corners of the wind.

I cant think of anything to write about so I will close & continue tomorrow.

Sunday 8.9.18. 15.10 hours.

I have just had a wash after having an hour machine cleaning. I was down for a swim this morning and the boys want me to play a game of Polo so we are going down to play at 17. Hrs. I also had a half hours fly this morning. I naturally suppose that I will carry on from now out. I was thing this morning Just before I went up that you stayed up rather late say well anywhere between 10 and 1, that 2, would be flying in the next day over here.

It is terribly warm today. I am writing this letter with a pair of shorts &shoes on that is all. I will soon have to get ready for tea.

There seems little to write about so I shall close for the present,

With love




I am sorry that the postcard went down. I have quite a few photos which I would like to send home but am afraid they would go down.


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