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Date: September 22nd 1918
Mother & All

Egypt. 22.9.18

Dear Mother & All.

No more mail since I wrote last but as it is Sunday I shall see what I can do. It wont be a great lot for I do not feel liking writing today. There has been two mails in from England but no letters for me. I had a Midland paper yesterday. I shall not close this letter until todays mail is in.

I have done very little flying since I last wrote an hour I think. I shall be glad when I get going for a do bale watching all the boys getting ahead of me, and you know you like that.

I was just here when the ferry came along and I went for a swim. It is just 7.30 now and I have had dinner the mail is in & no mail.

There is a dance on for charity at the Bathing place but I am not going down. A lot of the Boys are going down. The soldiers will be represented by a goodly number so I hardly think I shall go to swell their numbers.

This has been a very quiet day nothing to do & all day to do it in. Time hangs on your hand. I did an hour’s machine cleaning and that is all I have done.

I go down each day for a swim some times to a public swimming place and when the tide is out we go to the deep water. It is lovely in the salt water.

Say by the way my teeth are going something terrible. I really do not know what to do. I want to finish my instruction before I have them filled. They do not hurt me as yet but are going just at the roots, perhaps I shall have to have them out. That is the back ones.

How is everything going around Midland I hope you are having a real good time. How is everyone on the hill remember to each when you see them. Tell them that I am still kicking and hoping the war will end soon.

There is some real good news from this front 18.000 prisoners I understand and still going strong. Some good news from France as well.

News is scarce so I shall close hoping you are having a real good time.

With love


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