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Date: October 18th 1918
Mother & All

Egypt. 18.10.18.

Dear Mother & All

[?] received two letters [?] another dated August [?] and was very pleased  to hear that you were all having a real good time. I havent received the Gloves you speak about lest no [?] I shall [?] the rest a few days. [?] is it what I do not get any letters from Leila, has she got annoyed because I do not see [?] of my letters to or [?] have to try [?] las the [?].

All [?] African here [?] commissions now that is the fellows who joins the R.A.F. from civilian life. All the rest of us have to work for ours and I’m not like the little boy who can’t. If I have real good like that is [?] each day I shall have [?] in a month.

I was [?] on the machine in which we train or scouts I [?] yesterday [?] and [?] I was up by myself or [?] short I did a span and then tired a loop fall out of the loop and in a half [?] then did a loop o.k. I shall have to do some secondary [?] get all the [?] it will take about [?] hours more to graduate with a “B” and then [?] commission shall be [?] enough [?]. Sometime [?] all be able to [?] hours a day [?] a success.

Say it is some sensation to do about [?] the first time in a machine [?] your [?] you had [?]. You know [?] by what other [?]. I hesitate [?] in the air [?] goes [?].

I suppose [?] cold in Canada [?] I was out the other night and nearly froze and would you believe it the ther. showed 8 of °. We all think it is cold [?] that. It was certainly cold at 6000ft in the air I nearly froze. I was up at 5.30 a. about 10pm. in Canada [?] suppose you [?] here.

I will close hoping you are having a real good time & are in the best of [?]

With love


P.S. Received news [?] today will write. A.F.C.    

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