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Date: November 2nd 1916

Welland. Nov.2.1916.

My dear Mother.

I received your letter and Aunt Emma’s to-day at noon. Tell Aunt Emma I’m going to write her a special letter, all her own, some of these days. I see your letter was written just yesterday, so this will be a quick answer but maybe lot of letters will help cure your cold. I got back to school by 1.15 so I am going to get this started before The bell rings and finish it at recess or after school. Mary and Eva are going to call for me up here after school and go to the woods to get earth to plant bulbes in. there goes the bell, so here I stop for now.

4. P.M.

I had a few backwards in and then got my to-morrow’s work ready. So I can finish this now. I went over to the church yesterday afternoon and helped for France and Mary and I were up to the show in the evening.

To-morrow we are going out to Topp’s for overnight ‘till Sat. night. We will have a hustle to get ready for the 6 train. We would have stayed till Sun. but there is a lot of Company coming, so Mary wants to be home. Miss MacDougal is expected and the Brookfields from the Falls

I had a letter from Leila Sat. night. Then I answered it So I expect another by the end of the week. I did not get one from Alfred this week. Wouldn’t it be great to see all those boys he knew.

Yes I saw it about Evan and Lorne. I can’t help thinking of Evan. You know I saw him in the Garrison Parade in Toronto, at Easter time. I guess we all do wish the war was over but I’m afraid we’ll need a lot of patience yet.

I guess the teachers had, quite a time getting home. They would surely have enough of Convention after that. Leila wrote me about her Convention in Dryden.

Aunt Lib will be gone back again before Christmas won’t she? If she weren’t I could see her on my way home at Christmas time.

It certainly is nice for you that Aunt Emma is there with you while your cold is on. I have had one good cold this Fall and do not want another.

Well, yesterday was Pay Day but this month’s goes to buy my Winter Coat and Underwear. I am sending to Simpsons for the Newmode Combination $1.75 ones. I’m getting ready for Winter. Alright I’ll see, the skirt when it comes. It is such a strong one, it ought to do me some good, even though Leila wouldn’t wear it.

Well, it’s about 7 weeks and I’ll be home for Christmas. I’m so busy, it won’t seem long. And I am so anxious to see your new coat.

Well, I suppose the girls will soon be down for me, so I’ll close and get things straightened up.

Hope your cold soon gets better.



P.S. It really doesn’t matter whether you met on the Box No, or not but its an easy one to remember 456. And isn’t it funny our phone is 56.


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