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Date: November 12th 1916
Father & Mother

London Nov 12/16

Dear Father & Mother,

Sunday again and I have been having a real good rest. I was to see Bob Brown this morning but I waited around for half an hour and he did not show up so I came home and had another sleep and then had lunch.

I saw Bob yesterday also Oliver Smith, Buck Yardner, Rod McDonald and Geil Morrison. they were all having a good time when I saw them

Well Ed Gladston went back to camp last night Stealey and I saw him off at Victoria Stn I think he would have liked to stay up here for a little longer but his pass expired last night at midnight

There seems nothing to do Today The 157th Boys are all over the city and it would be like finding a needle in a haystack to Try and find Them. no doubt I will see some of them before they go back if I don’t I will be going down some day in the near future.

It looks like rain. I suppose it will start just when I want to go for a walk. It rained before I got up but that did not bother me.

I will like Father’s advice about my money. but to tell the Truth I have found out to never lend much even to your best friend they always forget you when Pay day comes and you have to remind them which I do not like doing.

Well I will close hoping you are well and having a good time

Your loving Son


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Original Scans