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Date: April 1st 1917
Mother & Father

London Apr. 1/17.

Dear Mother & Father.

Well another Sunday is about gone and all I have done is write letters I must get out & have a good long walk if nothing more.

I received two letters from Mother on Friday and was glad to hear you were all well but from what Mother said you too were suffering from the war. Of course I cant speak from experience for Canada but I hardly it can really be as bad as England at the present time.

I also received the three pair of socks send and two lots of the Midland papers. The socks look real nice and from the feel will suit me too.

Well I am still in London and They are giving each man another beard mine should be here about Wednesday. But I know what I shall get before I go up. A2. I am feeling fit and fine but very thin I only weigh 159 lbs, so you can see. I don’t weigh nearly what I did last spring. Why I only weigh 10lbs. more than Leila at the present time.

I want some open air and exercise & not so much pen work the work I have now is too much for me to carry on myself, and they tell me that I cant have an assistant because the staff must be cut down. I should worry because I am (A2) and no doubt in the near future every such man as I must go. I really doubt every the fellow who gets it but whoever it is will get an insight of the amount of money paid and how things are carried here in the Canadian Army. Of course I wouldn’t give it up for another position here because it is a thing that a fellow can take an interest in beside new things coming in every day.

Well the Allies are doing well what do you think if they only keep up the good work it will be fine. But it will take a lot of hard fighting to end it before the coming winter but I do hope they do so for dear only knows what England will be like.

I see the 257th Batter is here and if I should run across our friend Mr. O. Wilson I will ask him if he has found his equals yet. And if he says anything I will tell him that his superiors were over here long ago.

There seems to be very little news to hear today so will close hoping you are all well and happy.

From Your Loving Son


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