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Date: April 15th 1917
Mother & Father


Dear Mother & Father,-

I received a letter on Thursday and was glad to hear that you were all well and enjoying yourselves regardless of the pressor of this War. I have been having a fairly good time this week I have had several good long walks which naturally make me feel better. I have been to the doctor several time about my nerves and he says I need a rest but he does not come forward with a recommendation for leave. I wish he would for I could do with about two weeks beside the sea somewhere

I have to write with a peer pen for someone at the office thought that they had more use for it than I and picked it up.

I am very sorry to omit telling you how my ankle and knee was. Well my ankle is OK but my knee gives me a lot of trouble whenever it is wet. I have had two Medical Beards lately but they did not look at it, anyway I did not tell them about it for if I did me doubt they would mark me so I could never see France.

Well they have been sending some new fellows from the Offices but up to the present I have not been spoken of. I wish they would tell you about a week ahead of lines so you could prepare. That’s this hanging around and not knowing at what moment they are going to call on you. I suppose that some of these days I shall get my walking ticket and I don’t care how soon it comes. The weather is nice and camo would certainly have good thing in store for me.

I suppose nearly all the snow has disappeared and you will be having some nice sunny days such as we are having to day.

You speak of a picture Mrs. Healey has with, I have three of them and as not or did not care to send [damaged letter] home because of the [damaged letter] of ships going down.

There does not seem to be any real news so I will close hoping you are still having a real good time.



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