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Date: May 10th 1917
Mother & Father


Dear Mother & Father.-

It is Thursday evening and there seems nothing to do atleast it seems that way to me because my Friend Sgt Brown is on leave. He was Pte. the same as myself but he came in Orders today as Sgt. I have been made Sgt. by the same Orders but I have not put up my stripes. They are giving us two sets tomorrow. When writing after this you can put on Sgt. A.F. Cook. They have been coming a long time but they came at last.

Now I am waiting for the increased pay to come out and then I shall have some back pay coming because the promotion dates back to the 4/4/17. Now I have three stripes I shall have to work and see if I can add something to them.

My Friend Brown will be back to work a week from today I feel lost without him. Grant & I have our leave date fixed namely June 28. and we have fully made up our mind to go to Ireland. We want to see as much of the Country as possible. We haven’t decided to what part we shall go but from what we have talked about is Dublin and Killarney (I don’t know if that last word is spelled correctly) From what I can see of it we should have a real good time. How would you like to come with us to Ireland.

Well I suppose in another month and a half Gladys and Leila will be home on their Summer holidays. I wish I could be home and have a good time with them. I am having a real good time and am feeling much better but then it is not as if you knew more people. If we stick to it no doubt it will all be over some day and shall be able to enjoy ourselves in Canada once again.

How are you all getting along I hope you are a having a real good time. I suppose Father is putting in all his spare time in the Garden. He takes a much pleasure out of that as I do a game of Ball or Hockey.

I think I shall close and at least take a walk before going to bed. I want all the Fresh air that is possible. I hope you are all having a real good time.

Your loving Son


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