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Date: November 10th 1917
Mother & Father


Dear Mother & Father-

It is a dismal afternoon so I thought I would like the opportunity to write a few letters. Brown and Healey are working or we were going to a foot-ball match. When they are working I hardly know what to do with myself for I do dislike wandering around London alone.

I have heard nothing more concerning my commission but I know there is an order out stopping transfers to the R.I.C. for the present. Perhaps I shall soon as the order is lifted. These things always take so long to mature that you really do not know just when to look for them.

Well I hope you are having a real good time. How is Mother she mentioned in her last letter about feeling any too well. I hope she is feeling all OK by the time this letter reaches you. So Aunt Emma is in Midland again Mother should not feel lonesome now. I wish this terrible war was over I am getting tired and sick of it, but I suppose we shall all have to hang on and so doing defeat Germany.

Mothers speaks of her letters well. I can say one thing that I do not receive all my mail and her letters must be among those that have gone astray.

I suppose you two will be all of the family home for Christmas. I do not know just where I shall be if in London. I can not tell where I shall be unless Mrs. Hardy requests our presents at dinner. No doubt I shall have a better time than the Boys in France and I should be glad and thankful for that.

How are all the people on the hill. I have never heard from Jonny Doyle since he came to England. I should like to hear so if he were not too far away I could go and see him. Lots of the Boys so not know that I am in London so if they came up it is only by mere chance that I see them.

You speak of “The News Bag.” Well I have received two copies this year Charlie gets one so I see the news from his.

Well I will close hoping you are all well and having a real good lives

Your loving Son



I received mother’s letter also two Midland papers this week

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Original Scans