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Date: January 5th 1918
Mother & All

London Jan 5/18

Dear Mother & All

Charlie is away dancing at Battersea Town Hall tonight so I started a fire and have been writing some letters I have grown tired of writing with a pen so I have started your letter with a pencil for which I hope you will not object.

Well we are out for an hours skating yesterday afternoon and had a real good time. I only wished that I had had my own skates but I suppose I want to much of a good thing.

Well my holidays are over and I go back to work Monday Morning. I feel a lot better but can not get rid of my cold I have had it ever since I came to England. I have gone to the Doctors several times and he says it is not serious as it stays in my head.

I am not going to write a very long letter it is eleven oclock and nearly time I was getting to bed. I was thinking of staying up until Chas came home but I hardly think I shall do that now.

Well how is Mother getting along I hope she is better, out and able to enjoy life. I assure you life is not much when you have to stay in the house all the time.

I have written Gladys and addressed the letter to Midland so you will have to send it on. I do not know her address since she left Estevan.

I really do not know what to put in this letter for it was only the other day that I wrote you a letter. To fix things up I think I had better close hoping you are all well and that there shall be some mail waiting for me when I get to the Office on Monday.

Yours lovingly.


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