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Date: March 29th 1918
Mother & All

Somewhere in Egypt.

Dear Mother & All.-

This is Good Friday and we are going on with our course the same as usual. Except we have from 8.30 to 11.0 am off.

We are still isolated and I can tell you we are getting pretty sick of it. Things would not seem so bad but we have just got here and did not have an opportunity of seeing around. From what we hear there will be atleast two more week of isolation. The measles still seem to be wandering around here & there.

The weather is getting warmer each day with the heat comes the flies so you can guess what it is like. Some are trying to get into your eyes nose and ears. They are not satisfied to crawl around your arms.

You will have to excuse the letters I write while in this place for really there is nothing to write about.

I am feeling fine and up to the present the heat has not bothered me that is to give me a headache. Some of the Boys have had them all the sun has done for me is make my arms & face brown thank goodness they did not burn & blister.

I was just thinking that perhaps you haven’t gone to bed yet for in Canada at present it would be 12.30 A.M. we have been up 3 hours and had physical training. It is now 8. A.M. I hope you all have a real good time this Easter and be able to put on your spring clothes as the practice is in ordinary times.

I was discussing Canada with my Friend RHB Cook the other night and I the discussion he said he would not know Aurora. Well to tell the truth I don’t think I shall really know Midland atleast I shall never know the people as I used to. No doubt I shall see many changes when I get back when that will be dear only knows. At any rate I do not think it will be this year.

Just think I enlisted when I was 20 and now I will soon be 24 yrs old. How the time does fly, from what I can see of it I will be atleast 25 yrs when I get home and if I complete my school course then I will be 28 yrs old. It will then take me atleast two years to settle down and know where I am getting off at. This war has certainly put a lot of fellows in a queer position. In the bunch here there are lots like myself and no-body is wishing more for the war to end that we. If it should end how long would it take us to get home. I know I for one am going to make special applications on the grounds that I am a student. Some of the fellows Father spoke about in his letter had better put their backs to the wheel and keep. I will close for the present but be continue at some future time.

I said I would continue this letter some other time but I have just found out that we have nothing on this morning on account if a sand storm that is going on. We have closed up the tent and driven all the flies out so I can say for once we are rid of the flies. The sand is not so bad as it was a little while ago.

As you know Egypt is a place where men can have as many wives as he likes. All the women are tall and are the chin or forehead. The richer ones wear veils over their faces so you can only see the eyes. I will be glad when I will be able to be around & about & see what the people really are. From what I have already seen & heard they are not much.

We had a concert in camp last night and the Officers we over to See it. The programme was very good considering we have only had the piano a couple of days.

When this war is over I sure will have some things to tell you which at present would not pass the Censor. Of course I have seen things already and will see more which I could not think of telling except Father.

Up to the present we have had plenty of oranges to eat as a matter of fact there are four in our tent and between us we have made 6 dozen disappear. They purify the blood or atleast make to run thin. When it gets real hot that is 120° on this sand I think I will eat nearly all fruit instead of any meat. Up to the present this morning I have eaten 6 and three more have just been put before me so I will close this letter and finish tomorrow or Sunday.

Well here we go to put a finishing touch to this letter and take it from me it wont be much for the flies are terrible today.

I am sending a post card the picture of the Squadron dressed as for drill. I am also sending a enlarged one which can be mounted if it arrives all o.k. I do not think very much of the pictures but I shall g[damaged letter] we taken later & send it home.

I had a letter from Bess Anderson yesterday it was written Dec 28/17. She gave me some news about the boys in France I did not know Oh I could say a few sweet words about those flies.

I will close hoping you are all well & having a real good time.

With Love.


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