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Date: April 7th 1918
Leila & All

Somewhere in Egypt.


Dear Leila & All.

It is Sunday again and we are still isolated. I will certainly be glad when this is over. We should really be out now but for some reason they are going to keep us here another week. Thank goodness we have only five more weeks to go. I am getting fed up because there are some fellows around here who do not intend to make good and when on parade they get the other fellows into trouble.

Today we had church parade and so the other side was a big Mudway. I thought it was some contrast. I really do not know what to write about for we have been on here so long I really believe we are getting narrow minded. I know one thing we do not know what is going on out side this camp. I have not received my Christmas parcel from home nor the packet you sent perhaps I shall get them bye & bye I do wish the Christmas parcel would come along for we are getting so poor food. I thought we got food bad enough when in my old Battalion but here where we pay more for our food it is rotten.

Well how is old Midland. I have had three letters from home a card from Mother one from Gladys and also one from Gladys & Hazel & Co. I have a great job trying to answer them when I have so little to tell about. I also had a letter from Aunt Lavilla last week she was on her holidays and said she was having a real good time. She speaks pf the great preparations for the wat in America. I suppose they shall be preparing in great shape now.

Well I have nothing more to tell so I will close hoping you are well & having a real good time.

With Love,


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