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Date: April 19th 1918
Mother & All

Somewhere in Egypt.


Dear Mother & All,-

It is just 21.10 oclock and too hot to go to bed so I am going to write atleast one letter and then have a bath. It is terribly hot tonight. For the last week it has been inclined to be cold so I suppose the sudden change has made us feel it. I like the climate here fine, the day is a little hot but that is alright when you have had a chance to perspire.

Well it is a little over two week until we try our exams so I suppose the next three weeks shall be full of study. I want to make the course and go on to the S.M.A. I know The S.M.A. will be a harder course and you can pick it up quicker in that way.

Well I suppose you will soon be having some warm weather in Canada. Your summer wont be as warm as we are having out here now. I hope you all have a real food time this summer. Where are you all going for your holidays. Father should have a holiday no doubt forgot to pack him off when the time comes. He has not had a good holiday for dear knows when. I know when  get home there is going to be a holiday for mw but when shall that time come I have been wandering now well it will soon be three years.

No doubt when I get back to Midland I shall see a good many changes, why I shall hardly know the place let alone any of the people. Why on my last leave I hardly knew many of the fellow around where I used to go, what will it be like now!

The Hunter Boys will be grown so I will not know them. I am telling you all this but when shall I have the chance to realize it.

I have not had any letters for over a week now. Besides the parcels have not arrived. There is a rumour around that a mail boat was sunk if so, I shall be minus some mail. All my mail now has to pass over two danger zones.

We are going to the Pyramids tomorrow so I had better write this week end tonight. The worst of it is those boats going down thus destroying your letters. People writing wonder why you do not write and so get up in the air. I am waiting patiently for the letter Alenia Brunderson’s she was going to write. It will sure like a old times to receive a letter from her. I wrote once as soon as I arrived in this Country but never had a reply. Perhaps it was on account of being with Beatrice Nesbit.

This is some mis-connected letter but you will be able to get my drift. News is not very plentiful so I have to fill in to a certain degree a lot of nonsense or a repetition while I have put in other letters. I have hope you will excuse this faults of mine.

I shall close hoping you are all well and having a glorious time. By the way Gladys will soon be home for her holidays and then you will all be planning where to go.

With Love.


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