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Date: June 21st

Aurora June 21st

Dear Sister

I arrived in Aurora last night on time Ive came right along after Ive got started Bertha was at station to meet me the expressman brought my suit-case down and to forward G W in bed sick he got up for a little while last night – but has been in bed all day today but Berta and I were down to the Womans Insillary meeting this afternoon it was very interesting The Lady Mrs Watts sent out by the government was very good & the music was excellent and I went and was registered & so have that done & Mr Petch is coming up to register G W tonight & Berta was before I got home so you see its all done and did not think it much trouble That rose you gave me to put in water when I got home and its sure lovely out in full bloom Today so I can see what they are like G M Walter was in last night for a while he had some snapshots of his ranch & cattle he had a herd of cattle of 60 head he feels pretty blue Fred Hunter has gone & the other boy is camped Till July & so he will have to go up again soon he was telling us Jennie has gone back to Kansas & fixed up her house over there and is going to make her home there its been raining all forenoon and some this afternoon I just wish you could see the garden of course the potatoes were up & most all the vegetable before I left I hope you had a happy birthday and be careful and dont get sick [letter damaged, likely “again”] just remember jan [letter damaged] just sixteen I suppose I will have his busy day [letter damaged, lkely “tmorrow”] now I must close and get this in box so you will get sent tomorrow yours truly Emma

write soon & let me know how you get along I was so glad to come for G W being sick but hope he will be better soon you know I told you he was not strong but he might be better after this I will close


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Original Scans