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First Street School

Tues. 1.50 p.m.

My dear Mother,

I received your letter on Sat. and also one from Leila, so as I told Alfred yest-erday, I had had a report from all of the family except the London contingent. I had not written to him for some time, until yesterday.

It has some grand Spring weather and the snow will soon be all gone. And with it goes the skating – worse luck. Just when a fellow gets in good humour for it at the end of the Winter, they Spring has to come.

Busy! Busy! There is no name for it.

When did I write my last letter. If it was before last Wed., I must tell you about our holiday. A week ago Sun. Mr, Walker the janitor fell on the ice & broke his shoulder blade. so Mr. Flower had to tend to our furnace for a while. And the next morning the lining was burnt out, so he had to (much against his own inclinations.) give us a holiday. So almost all the teachers from First Street went on the rink that afternoon. And we had a jolly old time. Miss Lozo is a good skater and so light, that I could swing her around anywhere and we certainly had a peach of a skate. And that evening we were over to Garners.

Sat. I skated after-noon & evening, and had one of my all Winter desires satisfied – a skate with a certain fellow, - Its no use mentioning his name, you would not be any better off. Anyway, he’s a good strong skater.

Sun. morning I was out to church & then I read a book, the rest of the time. It was a grand book, too – just the kind that I enjoy, - “In Another’s Girl’s Shoes,” by Berta Ruck.

Last night we entertained the Guild at our houses, There were about 20 – some bunch to pass lunch around to.

To night we are going to hear the choral concert, only we are in the audience this time.

To-morrow we go to see our girls beat Stratford at hockey.

Thurs. – skate, & Fri. – to see Mary Pickford, and Sat to see Billy Sunday & then if the train isn’t late getting back – I want to skate – if there is ice. –

Now don’t write back and tell me to kill my-self, for that is only a week’s work.

I was weighed & I go 133 against Leila’s 149.



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