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Just a few lines to let you know that I got safely back to my winter billet. I am a real gunner now, having actually layed and fired the gun. We had a big field inspection today and went through our tricks before about twenty “brass hats,” among whom was Major Gen. McNaughton. The show was actually for the benefit of Malcolm McDonald who is about to leave for Canada in the capacity of Minister for Canada or some such post.

I had a few anxious moments when my gas cape refused to fall as per schedule. A chum saved the day by giving the brute a yank from behind. For your benefit, I will just say that the cape is made of gas-proof material and is worn in a neat roll placed high on your back. When the gas spray signal is given, the cape is released by means of pulling a string which should allow the cape to fall, making it possible to pull it around you and fasten it up, thus keeping your clothes free from liquid gas. I think the officers were all quite well satisfied, so the usual line of drivel will probable appear on the part two orders shortly and signed by the colonel.

We have a more serious inspection coming on Thursday when we will be inspected by Brig. Stewart, in charge of Canadian artillery. This means that all our equipment must be as clean as a whistle, trucks, guns and personal gear. The sun is shining today and one would think it was in the middle of May. I could just see you out working among your flowers if you were here. I forgot to say that I gave Mrs. R. your enclosed note and that she was very pleased. I am enclosing some snaps and negatives which I hope you’ll like. Some of the negs are very weak and may not develop, so don’t be too disappointed.
P.S. Give my love to the hens and tell them I miss their eggs.