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Date: January 28th 1945

January 28, 1945

Just a few lines to thank you for the parcel with note enclosed from Phyl and the air-mail from Mom which arrived the same day. ----We are out of action at the moment and quite comfortable.  A Sergeants’ mess has been organized, so my rations are slightly better.  ----

Things are pretty deadly around here at the moment. These so-called “rests” aren’t what they imply. It simply means that you don’t have any danger to keep you keyed up and have all the unpleasant aspects of the army to keep you fed up. Honestly, Mom, I have never been so fed up in my life. The Russian advance comes as a great boost to morale. The morning news put the Russians ninety miles from Berlin, which is really great news. I have given up seeing you before the end of the European War and this last Russian offensive gives me hope of an early victory. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the news was suddenly interrupted to announce the end of the war?

I guess the reason I have become “stale” is after five-and-a-half years is a h--- of a time to be away from your family. I see by the papers that 6,300 of our reinforcements have taken “French Leave.” It’s all very confusing and disgusting from our point of view. I expect when they return they will be scolded by Mr. King. Over here, our chaps get three years for less.  ----