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Date: January 28th 1945

January 28, 1945

Received your letter of Jan. 15th tonight. I was awfully pleased to hear that you had received news of my award. I only hope those “news hounds” don’t overdo the thing. Nothing is more distasteful to us over here than a lot of baloney written in the papers back home. I wish too that you had a photo of me as I look today; it really would be a sensation. Wouldn’t they be surprised if you handed them a photo of your son with a full-grown beard. That is the case, you know, or have I forgotten to mention it? It really is a dandy, quite the “cat’s whiskers.”

The news is very good these days, so perhaps leave or no leave, I may see you all soon. As far as Mr. McNaughton’s statement is concerned, I fail to see any justification for such a remark. Transportation seems to be the least of the difficulties facing any home leave programme. ----

Well, Mom, the weather is still a bit wintery and an inch of snow still lies on the ground. My billet is warm and comfortable and, if I were not so weary of the war, I should be quite happy here. I’ve been in the army too long, Mom, for a war-time soldier. If I intended to stay in the army, I would feel entirely different, but such is not the case. What I’m afraid of, if they keep me much longer, I won’t be much good for anything else.