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Date: July 2nd 1944

July 2, 1944

Many thanks for all your letters, airgraphs and air-mail much too numerous to answer separately. You see, Mom, there was a gap of over two months in which I received no mail at all. As a result, I received a flood the other day. I read each one carefully and enjoyed them all, even though some of them were three months old. Well, Mom, we are out of action for a rest and enjoying ourselves on the beaches of sunny Italy. The water is really grand though the sun blazes down to burn you to a crisp if you aren’t careful. I have a lovely dark tan and would pass for a native anywhere. I don’t know how long this rest period will last but I’m making the most of it while it does.

We have just completed our Divisional sports meet and the corps final. My contribution was to playing horse-shoes. I won a place on the Divisional team and then helped them defeat the 1st Division for the Corps finals. From here we expect to play the Allied Army finals in Rome. Speaking of Rome, we are all getting a chance of seeing the city, which has hardly suffered a scratch. Boy! When I get home, I will certainly be able to give you a few geography lessons that you won’t find in any text books. ---------