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Date: June 18th 1944

June 18, 1944

Many thanks for your letter of June 5th. Boy, was it a relief to know the truth at last! This was the first news I had had since April 14, so you may well imagine my feelings in the matter. All my mail has been forwarded through the spots I have been through, so it may easily be some time before it catches up with me. It really is great to know that Kay came through her confinement so well. Kay and I were both hoping it would be a boy, but I know the young lady will not lack for love.

As you know, the Regiment was in the thick of the scrap and among the first to be through the Gustave and Adolf lines. I nearly went mad with impatience sitting around doing nothing while the boys were in the thick of it. Several of the boys died in the engagement, among them a kid I thought a great deal of. I certainly felt very badly about this because he was a grand kid, a great humourist, and a square shooter. Just watch out Mr. Hun if ever I draw a bead on your square head.

I expect, Mom, the news of the Second Front made you all feel very good and perhaps a little apprehensive too. You needn’t be though, because, believe me we have him beaten, though it may take another two or three months before he calls it quits. -----

Say, Mom, how about using that gifted pen of yours to give our 80,000 “Zombies” in Canada in Canada’s Home Army a blast? It really makes us boys in the line fighting mad to learn that they refuse to volunteer for Active Service. On top of this, according to the present plan, they will receive all the benefits that we will, without firing a shot.